Acom SA, Cadempino Combustion improvement system
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Working principle
ACOM system, working principle  
ACOM system, working principle
1 Electrolyte receptacle 6 Fuel oil supply
2 Compressed air supply 7 Combustion chamber
3 Aerosol injection pipe 8 Aerosol dissociation in flame
4 Activator mist feed 9 Aerosol deposition on walls
5 Combustion air stream 10 Combustion air heater
The oxidation enhancing agents are introduced with the combustion air causing a decrease of the activation energy thus leading to faster reaction in the flame and to burn-off of carbon deposits on the boiler walls, superheater and economiser.
The installation of an ACOM system does not require any modification of the boiler plant.


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Acom SA, CH-6814, Cadempino/Lugano, Switzerland