Acom SA, Cadempino Combustion improvement system
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Economic and ecologic benefits
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Less auxiliary energy costs
    (soot blowing, combustion air fans)
  • Reduced manpower costs
  • Improved plant profitability
  • Steam generating plants fitted with ESP or bag filter units, may exclude up to 50% or more of their dust collecting elements, which of course results in a significant saving of electrical energy
  • Costs of ACOM operation are recovered within a short time
  • Substantial reduction of carbon monoxide
    and soot formation
  • Particulate emission practically reduced to oxide ash
  • Compliance with respective local regulations
Flue gas particulate content range of all units equipped
Particulate matter without ACOM with ACOM
Emission range of
50 units (mg/Nm3)
80 to > 120 30 to > 50


ACOM is a registred trade name  

Acom SA, CH-6814, Cadempino/Lugano, Switzerland