Acom SA, Cadempino Combustion improvement system
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Boiler self cleaning effect
Boiler deposits before ...  
boiler before ACOM boiler before ACOM
... and after Installation of ACOM  
boiler after installation ACOM boiler after installation ACOM
As a unique feature of the ACOM system the oxidation enhancing elements cause a burn-off of the carbon deposits on the boiler walls due to a decrease of the activation energy and consequently a reduction of the oxidation temperature by several hundred degrees centigrade.
Carbon content of deposits after 3'000 operating hours with ACOM of a 535 MWel B&W unit.
Acom, Boiler self clearing effect
Heavy fuel oil firing, 36 burners, steam atomisation, Y-Jet nozzles, no particulate control unit.


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Acom SA, CH-6814, Cadempino/Lugano, Switzerland