Acom SA, Cadempino Combustion improvement system
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Acom operation references
Operation references
Plants in operation Tot. units (No.) Tot. capacity installed (MWel)
Spain 27 2435
Spain (ship propulsion) 10 170
Italy 15 1200
Czech Republic 1 26
Rumania 1 115
TOTAL 54 3946
ACOM operating hours:
  • Total of all units approx. 2 Mio. hrs.
  • Max. of single unit approx. 60’000 hrs.
ACOM systems are in operation in major boiler makes of typical capacities with a variety of boiler types, combustion systems, fuel qualities and injection systems in utilities, refineries, petrochemical plants and aboard vessels in a number of countries.


ACOM is a registred trade name  

Acom SA, CH-6814, Cadempino/Lugano, Switzerland